PetCo Trading – Store Focus

Pets are just like children; they make your life awesome. These angels in disguise have one purpose in your life and that is to make your day a little brighter. Having a pet completely transforms your world and enables you to live in the moment, just like they do. Pets, whether it be a cat, […]

Masala Indian Restaurant – Store Focus

Experience a taste like never before at the Masala Indian Restaurant El Ridge Corner. Masala Indian Restaurant opened its doors in 2014 and has been exiting the tastebuds of its customers ever since. As an eatery, Masala offers a delicious and extensive menu designed by world class chefs. When entering the Masala Indian Restaurant one […]

SugaCube Café – Store Focus

Eat, relax, enjoy at the Sugacube Café El Ridge Corner! The Sugacube Café opened its doors in 2012. As a family-run coffee shop, they have a passion for bringing their customers joy in the form of good food and good coffee. Located in the heart of Boksburg, Sugacube is a neighbourhood spot for people who […]

Woolworths – Store Focus

Shopping at Woolworths Food at El Ridge Corner is an affordable luxury that adds just the right amount of deliciousness to our customer’s day! Woolworths El Ridge is committed to making your shopping experience the best with quality products and immaculate premises. A brief history: The Woolworths brand has been building its reputation for superior […]