10 Winter Flu-Fighting Foods to Keep You Healthy & Warm

As winter creeps in, so does the season of sniffles, coughs, and the dreaded flu. But fear not! Alongside warm blankets, milo and cosy fireplaces, nature provides us with an arsenal of flu-fighting foods to help fortify our defences and keep us healthy during the chilly months. From vibrant fruits to hearty vegetables, here are […]

Healthy Habits for a Productive Day

In the pursuit of a successful and fulfilling life, cultivating healthy habits is paramount. A productive day isn’t just about accomplishing tasks; it’s about fostering overall well-being. By integrating mindful practices into your daily routine, you can set the stage for enhanced productivity, improved focus, and a positive outlook. Here’s El Ridge Corner’s guide to […]

The Why and How of Healthy Eating

We can certainly all agree that committing to achieving your dream body and optimal levels of health feels much easier at the beginning of a new year. Weight control is the most common reason for someone to commit to healthier habits, but the advantages of a healthy diet encompass so much more than what the […]