Simple Money Tips to Get You Through January

Between holiday overindulgence and back-to-school expenses, January usually feels never-ending. El Ridge Corner has identified practical ways you can make your Rand stretch a little further this month.

Pack lunch for work & school

By now most of us are back to work and children back to school and it can be tempting to buy lunch from the array of fast food outlets and restaurants we have access to. Every little saving helps during the month of “Janu-worry”, so we suggest opting for a home-packed lunch.

Save on food & toiletry costs

Plan your meals ahead of your monthly or weekly food shop, this helps you avoid buying products that you do not need. Pick out ingredients that can be frozen & are not easily perishable so you can get more than one meal out. Grocery stores such as Woolworths and Checkers have a wide range of frozen and tinned foods as well as great specials on certain products. Go for the 3-for-2 or 2-for-1 specials when it comes to toiletries and health products. Think wholesalers or shops like Clicks that run these specials monthly.

Spend time at home

It can be tempting to go out when you are still in the holiday spirit. However, to save on costs we recommend staying home. Host a family or friend’s movie night with what you have at your disposal, go for a walk or hike or pack a picnic with food from your kitchen.

El Ridge Corner is dedicated to providing you with a quality shopping experience that meets budgets big and small. Keep an eye out for store specials on the necessities to help you get through the dreaded month of January.

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