Festive Season Trends 2022

The December Festive Season is fast-approaching. El Ridge Corner has chosen to outline 2022’s festive season’s hottest trends that you can incorporate to wow your friends and family at this year’s celebrations.

Vibrant Shades

Put a spin on the classic festive colour palette by incorporating cheerful, bright colours such as emerald green and magenta pink. These colours are sure to bring about a funky, cheerful vibe.


This festive season spoiling yourself is just as important as spoiling your loved ones. Products that help us unwind and re-energise such as hand creams, body washes and candles are all the rage. For all your self-care needs Clicks, Sorbet and Waxit at El Ridge Corner is a faultless choice

Versatile Pieces

The trend of purchasing versatile pieces this festive season is big. Customers are shifting their purchase behaviour to buying products that have more than one use. Focus on purchasing products that can span over multiple seasons, such as vases and candle holders.

A Mix Between Eclectic & Traditional

This trend allows you to mix traditional and eclectic décor and foods to create an atmosphere that is not only cosy and familiar but has character and personality that is sure to leave an impression on your guests. Make use of pieces that are vintage and traditional, such as vintage biscuit tins and pair them with modern, quirky pieces that have joyful colours and patterns. Add a modern twist to traditional festive meals, such as a deconstructed pavlova or incorporating finger foods. Woolworths and Checkers El Ridge have décor pieces and food to help you achieve the perfect balance between traditional and eclectic.

Sparkle, but make it DIY

What is the festive season without a bit of sparkle? This season’s trend is to incorporate metallics & sparkle to add a sense of luxury but in a craftier, personal way. Make use of gold or silver spray paints on vintage décor pieces to add to the eclectic yet traditional feel. Add sparkle to your wrapping paper or gift bags and even your food by using edible gold dust or sparklers. This is also a great way to get family and friends involved. For all your arts and crafts needs, PNA and The Crazy Store at El Ridge Centre have got you covered.

For the picture-perfect outfit to match your festive décor, pop into Pick n Pay Clothing where there is a selection of summer pieces for the whole family! Head over to El Ridge Corner to accomplish that 2022 festive season feeling.

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