Things You Didn’t Know About Hearing

Our hearing sense enables us to experience the world uniquely. Hearing influences how we learn and communicate.

Fun Facts about Hearing:

  • Your ears don’t stop working when you sleep; your brain simply chooses to ignore the sound.
  • Ears push out any excess wax as and when required.
  • The roar of the ocean that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear.
  • A newborn baby’s entire hearing apparatus is slightly immature but responds best to high-pitched voices.

We often overlook the importance of looking after our hearing health. Healthy Hearing at El Ridge Corner offers hearing screen tests to ensure you do not just live life but also hear life!

The importance of getting regular hearing tests

 It is advised that people younger than 60 years old should go for hearing tests every 3-5 years, and people older than 60 years old are advised to get their hearing tested annually.

 Even if you have not had any symptoms or signs of hearing loss, it is important to get a hearing test screening to ensure there are no other medical issues that you may have not known about.

Yearly hearing tests allow you to track any changes in your hearing and adjust as needed. Hearing tests further provide an opportunity for you to ask questions that may prepare you for risks you may face as you get older.

Services offered at Healthy Hearing El Ridge Corner

At Healthy Hearing free hearing screen tests are offered along with comprehensive hearing evaluations. Healthy Hearing is also a supplier of Audio Service and Interton hearing devices. Further to their wide range of hearing aids, Healthy Hearing services and repairs all hearing devices (regardless of the model or make). If you are with a medical aid provider, Healthy Hearing is contracted to all medical aids for your convenience. If you are unable to visit the store, Healthy Hearing has a mobile service that is free of charge.

Healthy Hearing prides itself in its exceptional customer service. Set a reminder to book your annual hearing screen test at Healthy Hearing El Ridge Corner and leave hearing life better!

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