PetCo Trading – Store Focus

Pets are just like children; they make your life awesome. These angels in disguise have one purpose in your life and that is to make your day a little brighter. Having a pet completely transforms your world and enables you to live in the moment, just like they do. Pets, whether it be a cat, dog, bird, or anything else, have a unique energy that can captivate and bring colour to your life.

To keep your fur babies well looked after and in top physical condition, you need the aid of Petco Trading. Petco Trading Pty Ltd is an upmarket pet store that specializes in premium dog food, pet accessories and so much more!

The owner of PetCo Trading has always had a passion for animals and believes that each person should have an animal companion in their life’s journey. The PetCo Trading El Ridge Corner team is passionate and ready to help you find exactly what your pet needs!

The Boksburg branch welcomes visits from their furry, feathered, and clawed friends. Meaning that you, as the customer can bring your fur baby to the store to choose their next treat for themselves, how awesome is that?

Upon entering the PetCo Trading El Ridge store it is easy to see that they function with friendliness as a core value, “We don’t have a grand recipe for success instead, we hold to good old fashion friendliness and make the customer feels at home in our store.”

Distinguishing a customer favourite amongst the vast range of spoils available is a difficult task but store manager, Louis says, “It would be hard to overlook the popularity of our water-resistant dingy.”

Some of their products and services include:

  • Microchipping
  • Dog jackets
  • Blankets
  • Beds
  • Pet food
  • Pet accessories
  • And so much more!


Remember, they are not just pets they are family!

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