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Experience a taste like never before at the Masala Indian Restaurant El Ridge Corner.

Masala Indian Restaurant opened its doors in 2014 and has been exiting the tastebuds of its customers ever since. As an eatery, Masala offers a delicious and extensive menu designed by world class chefs.

When entering the Masala Indian Restaurant one truly feels that they have been transported to the finest restaurant in India! The first thing one notices is the divine decorations that are reminiscent of the Taj Mahal and the second thing is the smell of perfectly spiced and cooked food. If you weren’t craving a delicious curry before, you certainly will be after stepping foot in the Masala Indian Restaurant.

The Masala team boasts a menu that is a hybrid of traditional classics with a modern twist. Only the freshest and finest quality ingredients are chosen for Masala’s guests. Their excellent cuisine is paired with a superb wine menu for even the most discerning palate.

A few items on their menu include:

  • Soup
  • Tandoori
  • Indian breads
  • Curry
  • Biryani
  • Dosa
  • Bunny chow
  • Desserts
  • And so much more…


The Masala team chose the word Masala because it is a 5000-year-old Himalayan word, which means spice. Spices are the most fundamental ingredients of Indian food. “We chose this word to be our restaurant name because we are an authentic Indian restaurant and use a lot of spices so we thought it would be a sound idea to name the restaurant what we would use.”

Masala Indian Restaurant was voted the best Indian Restaurant in Ekurhuleni in 2021, which is a herculean achievement.

The spices used in the restaurant not only tantalise your taste buds but are also composed of an impressive list of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are essential for boosting wellness.

“For centuries spices have always been a part of our food and now they have become an integrated part of our life.”

You can contact the Masala Indian Restaurant for private functions, birthday parties and even wedding ceremonies (every guest at your wedding will certainly leave satisfied). They also cater for corporate functions and outdoor events.

The next time you are at El Ridge Corner be sure to stop past Masala Indian Restaurant for a memorable dine-in experience, ideal take-aways to accompany a good movie on the couch and even platters for your next family event.

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