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Eat, relax, enjoy at the Sugacube Café El Ridge Corner!

The Sugacube Café opened its doors in 2012. As a family-run coffee shop, they have a passion for bringing their customers joy in the form of good food and good coffee. Located in the heart of Boksburg, Sugacube is a neighbourhood spot for people who would rather eat something great today!

Upon entering the café, the first thing you notice is the aroma of coffee and a selection of freshly baked goods. Sugacube has a team of professional bakers that start early every morning, creating fresh bread, cakes, pastries, and other goodies. These goods are not only distributed in-store but fill the orders of other local restaurants that they supply.

Breakfasts are served all day but are by no means the only thing on their extensive menu, “our peri-peri chicken livers being the firm favourite” says owners Nicky and Victoria. All the items on their menu are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Sugacube’s extensive menu has your lunchtime cravings covered too, with a wide variety of wholesome dishes that come in generous servings leaving you feeling spoilt for choice.

From savoury pancakes through grills, pizzas, pasta, pregos and everything in between. Their menu truly aims to satisfy any craving! Sugacube is fully licensed offering their patrons a Kahlua coffee, a Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail or even a beer. They even have a kiddies menu!

Parents can sit and relax while their children play in their enclosed kiddie area. Sugacube café often hosts small functions such as kitchen teas, birthdays, and baby showers. They also cater and have an extensive take home platter menu available.

Sugacube Café is fortunate enough to be in a shopping Centre with a backup generator, so they can continue to serve their clients during loadshedding. They also happily host many business people who want to get on with their work on their devices uninterrupted. Doesn’t working in an environment with delicious coffee and tasty food sound like a dream?!

Ready for an extraordinary meal and extraordinary memories?

Visit the Sugacube Café El Ridge.

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