Woolworths – Store Focus

Shopping at Woolworths Food at El Ridge Corner is an affordable luxury that adds just the right amount of deliciousness to our customer’s day! Woolworths El Ridge is committed to making your shopping experience the best with quality products and immaculate premises.

A brief history:

The Woolworths brand has been building its reputation for superior quality, exciting innovation, and excellent value since 1931. In 1974, Woolworths became the first South African trader to introduce “sell by” dates on food packaging. Woolworths was also an early adopter of technology and was already using a computerised merchandising system by the early 1970s. In 2007, they launched their Good Business Journey, a bold plan to make a difference in eight key areas on our journey towards sustainability: Energy, Water, Waste, Sustainable Farming, Ethical Sourcing, Transformation, Social Development, and Health and Wellness.

Woolworths Values:

  1. Customer-first – make every moment memorable
  2. Quality – live it every day, and in every way
  3. Inspiration – discover the difference
  4. In touch – be relevant, accessible, on-trend
  5. Responsibility – do the right thing, the right way
  6. Integrity – do what you say, say what you mean
  7. Collaboration – work and grow together


We’re all familiar with Woolies’ freshness and when entering the El Rudge Corner store it is all around you to tantalise your senses. Woolworths food has something for everyone. With shelves stocked with the freshest fruit and vegetables – organic or local the choice is yours. Delicious baked goods that are the perfect complement to any meal. On the go, quick and easy meals of exceptional quality. The finest dairy, a huge variety of meat, a whole aisle dedicated to delicious treats, wine, beauty and healthcare products, homemade meat marinades, sauces, pizza, pasta, sorbet, and ice cream – you name it! Woolworths El Ridge makes great taste their guide!

Store manager, Rushdi Ebrahim, has a passion for ensuring that Woolworths El Ridge is the obvious choice for any of your grocery needs. He ensures things are always running smoothly with enough cashiers and staff in-store to handle the roll-in of customers.

Woolworths El Ridge is always up to your standards!

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